About us


To be the preferred global distributor of high quality and nutritious nuts.

History of Paem

Paem company was founded in 2012 and has its Headquarters located in Thika 40Km from Nairobi. The company deals with the processing of raw macadamia nuts into macadamia kernels.

Macadamia industry is a promising sector of Kenya’s economy, it is now referred to as the new “green gold”.

Paem sources raw nuts in shells from a network of 1600 smallholder farmers spread out across six growing regions, Embu (80Km from Nairobi) being the biggest one. Paem has opened up 18 buying and collection centres in the major production areas. Once collected from smallholders, raw nuts are the dehydrated and dried in the Paem’s 30 dries (total capacity 450M).

The nuts in shells are then cracked, manually and, according to their quality sorted by over 250 workers-all women. Shells are used as fuel and low-quality kernels are kept and sold to middlemen that then sell to cooking oil producers.

Paem has been able to grow at a tremendous pace. Operations started in 2014 in a small hanger rented for both processing and storage, with 3 containers sold that first year. The next year the company did 7 containers and expanded its processing area by purchasing additional driers, acquisition of the hangar and the surrounding buildings, internal building and change of production process. Since then the company has been growing tremendously and has currently opened another factory in Embu with a higher capacity and closer to the farmers.


To source from local farmers high quality nuts that are then processed, packaged and exported globally

Tremendous Growth

Paem has been able to grow tremendously since it started in 2014 in a small hanger and has currently opened a biger factory.

Started In 2014

Paem Company Limited was founded with the purpose of processing of raw macadamia nuts into macadamia kernels.

High Quality Nuts

Our control of quality and food safety starts on the farm, during storage, processing and finally packaging of kernels.

Over 400 employees

We have offered direct employment opportunities to offer 400 people and hundreds more indirectly.

We have strict and consistent High Quality Standards commitment to ensure we are efficient and produce the highest quality products.